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Ford Community Performing Arts Center

OSA 49th Convention - Enjoy the top notch 3 day long cultural events at The Center.

fordartcenterAbout the Michael A. Guido Theater

Evoking a classic renaissance theatre in a modern environment, ford performing arts center main stage theatre will serve as home to OSA 49th Convention's  3 day cultural extravanza. With a focus on acoustical and visual properties, the auditorium features beautiful wood and plaster wall panels designed to heighten audience involvement. The auditorium has ample wheelchair seating, elevators to all levels, and an amplified system for the hearing impaired.

This 1,201-seat auditorium features the latest lighting and sound systems, and is fully supported by modern scene and costume shops. The theatre is set to support the greatest professional demands while providing a friendly environment for our many local Cultural Arts programs.

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