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Membership & Registration Info:

If you are not a student, you need to be a member of  Odisha Society  of Americas (OSA) in order to register for this convention. If you are not a  Student/OSA Benefactor/Patron/Life Member/5yr Mmeber,  please select one of the membership options while registering. This year, registration and food is combined together.  Anybody who registers for the convention, they need to purchase 2 days of food and it's mandatory.  Food charge  per day includes the cost for  breakfast, lunch , evening snacks & tea, dinner & mehfil time snacks. Below is the membership, registration and food fee breakdowns.


 Type  Amount in USD
 Benefactor (Family or Single)  1000
 Patron (Family/Single)  600
 Life Member (Family or Single)  300
 5 yr Member (Family or Single)  100
 Annual Member (Family)  40
 Annual Member (Single)  20


 Type Date Family  Individual
 Early Bird  12-20-17 thru 03-31-18  160 USD  105 USD
 Late  04-01-18 thru 05-31-18  180 USD  125 USD

The above fee includes 25 USD OSA fee.


Date    Food Type Fees - Adult (13 year and old) Fees- Children (5 till 12)  Fees- Children (below 5)
 07-05-18  Dinner  Complimentary  Complimentary  Complimentary
 07-06-18  Breakfast & Lunch & Snacks & Dinner & Mehfil Snacks  55 USD  39 USD  0
 07-07-18  Breakfast & Lunch & Snacks & Dinner & Mehfil Snacks  55 USD  39 USD  0
 07-08-18  Brunch   Complimentary  Complimentary  Complimentary

Now let's do the Math:

If a family who is a life member and attending the convention and they have 2 kids,  one above 12  and another one below 12, the total fees will be calculated as:
Membership: 160 USD
Food (Day 1): 55 X3 + 39 = 204 USD
Food (Day 2): 55X3 +39 = 204 USD
Total: 408+160= 568 USD

Please fill in the registration form and pay online, If you  have any questions, click here and send your request.

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