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Youth Fundraising

The OSA Youth Committee is accepting donations for the following causes:

1. Featured Guest Artists Expenses
(The funds will be used to offset cost of transportation, lodging and food expenses for Young or Second Generation Odia Artists who will be featured as guest stars at OSA Youth Events.)
2.  Adruta Children's Home (
3. Shikhya Education Platform (

You may send donations through the following means: 

1. OSA 2018 Youth Committee Paypal account.

  • Use your linked bank account for zero fee donations.
  • Do not select Payment Protection since you are NOT purchasing a refundable or returnable good or service. If you select it, a portion of your donation will be sent to Paypal.
  • In the note section, please indicate how you wish to distribute your contribution.
    (Example: 100% to Featured Guest Artist
    OR Distribute evenly between All
    Or  50% to Sikhya and 50% to Adruta)

2. Go Fund Me Campaign.

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